Press Roundup

The past week was quite a tremendous satisfying moment for us as we’ve pushed out words about the game with the great help from Indieviddy. We got some responses back from international press in terms of just mentioning about the games, coverage our team story and future plan, and a request to have a custom build of the game.

So here is a press roundup you might want to check them out.

  • “There will be plenty of nods to video gaming history with the “hero” zombies in the game.”
    Gamedevfinder.comFeatured in Gamedevfinder.comFeatured in


  • “With all the super heroes dead and oftentimes twice over, the fate of the world lays in the hands of this villain turned good.”
    IndieGameHQ.comFeatured in

    Featured in

  • “Le seul survivant est Kiki (oui moi aussi j’ai ri) pour sauver la planète.”
    Gamesinthepocket.comFeatured in

    Featured in

  • “I myself am very picky about iOS titles I download, but Zombie Hero: Revenge of Kiki looks like it will tempt me to try it out upon launch.”
    Otakustudy.comFeatured in

    Featured in

  • “Je dois dire que les sprites du personnage sont aussi fluides que dans Combo Crew et que c’est vraiment plaisant de voir Kiki mettre des baffes à tous ces zombies, surtout aux super héros !”
    Gamesinthepocket.frFeatured in Gamesinthepocket.frFeatured in


In fact, we constantly update our press links in, anyway we put them up there for sane and satisfying.

Also there’s a request for custom build of the game from reviewing media site, but we haven’t heard anything back just yet, we hope they understand that the game is still in development, not the beta or final version. Also we gave out the build to french media to have hands-on the game, the response is quite nice. They’re the very first media that we rolled out the build to. You may check it out the last link above.

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